Going beyond the conventional


Sharing Power to Non Developers

Data Platform: Workbench

Developer-less Data and ML product suite. Build, automate and manage your business workflow at any scale.

Various features include: InstAPI: Create API Instantly without Coding, Rest API Scheduler, Data Explorer and Business Rules Engine.

Live ML Models: WITI

Witi is a service that makes it easy to automatically tags all your e-commerce specific catalogue images, so you can quickly organize, manage, and search through your content.

With Witi, you can detect ecommerce specific product attributes like sleeve length, pattern, neck type, product category and more.


We continually share our thoughts and findings


Active Research

We continually share our thoughts and findings

2D to 3D

Converting all products in catalogue to 3D models using images present in all views for use in AR and VR.

Super Res

Increasing the resolution of low quality images using GAN to fill the missing intermediate pixels.


Learning trends from various fashion platforms and magazines to understand what goes well with what.


Allowing users to quickly try out virtual makeover to find a look you love, right from your phone’s camera with Augmented Reality environment.

Virtual Models

Creating virtual models to promote all our in-house brands using recent advancements in GANs.

Fynd Trak

Video survelliance analytics platform provide brands data like footfall counts, demography of users etc.

We learn from community and contribute back

AML at Fynd slide deck showcased at various events like Fynd Meetup, IIT Bombay etc.


Pradeep Tiwari
Principal Architect
Rishab Sharma
Data Scientist II
Neeraj Shukla
Principal Engineer
Anirudha Vishvakarma
Research Consultant
Gaurav Gola
Sr. Engineer
Rahul Deora
Data Scientist
Prasanna K. Reddy
Mohit Pilkhan
Jr. Engineer
Shivam Ohri
Arjun Sunil